5 Wholesale Items to Sell on Amazon to Make a Massive Profit

Wholesale Items to Sell on Amazon

Today, everything goes on online, so you need to take advantage of it. Buying wholesale items to sell on Amazon doesn’t have to require too much money, but can bring a lot of profit in return. If you get rich from doing this, you won’t be the first one as people have been doing it since the website was launched in the mid-90s. The good news is that it’s still not too late to get involved!

If you are looking to buy wholesale items to sell on Amazon, the first thing on your schedule should be doing proper research. Do not look at this as a quick way to make some cash, but as a life-changing business opportunity. Approach it carefully; starting by reading this article, which will provide you with the ideas about wholesale items that you’ll be able to sell on Amazon at excellent prices.

1. Books

Used books are cheap, and you can get them at a very reasonable price. In fact, if you are lucky, you can even get old books for free. You can sell them on Amazon as a wholesale and make some quickly money, but if you are more patient, you can solve each book individually, which will result in much bigger profit over time.

The best thing about this strategy is that there’s no such thing as an old book. When the books get old, they become antiquities so that you can get an even better price for them. This means that if you don’t offload them straight away, you shouldn’t think that the investment was a total failure.


2. Vinyl Records

Similar to books, vinyl records are also a collector’s items. The problem with them is that finding a rare edition is not an easy job. It’s because its owners probably realize its true cost. But, if you happen to stumble onto a rare vinyl, you can sell it for a huge amount of money!

To increase your chances of finding a valuable vinyl, you should think about investing our money in buying them as a wholesale. Even if you don’t find anything that you could sell at an auction house, you can be confident that offloading the vinyl records will not be a problem. It’s because vinyl collecting has become a sort of trend in the recent couple of years.

3. Toys

Children’s toys are among the best-selling items on Amazon. A great thing about it is that it’s unlikely that this trend will change ever – parents will always look to buy interesting toys for their kids. The reason why toys are on the list of wholesale items to sell on Amazon is that you can get them at an excellent price if you buy them from China or Vietnam.

According to a blog published on aol.com, you can make big money fast by selling children’s toys on Amazon. The trick to success is to use a method called retail arbitrage. You buy a lot of toys at a discount and sell them later for much bigger prices. A good advice is to buy Christmas-themed toys in summer and sell them in December at two or three times the price.

4. Fitness Equipment

When it comes to making lots of money, the key lies in looking far into the future. If you can predict correctly what the people will want to buy in the future, you will be able to invest the money on the right items. The only way to make the right decision is to do a proper market research. Luckily, many business experts have already done this, and many of them have suggested investing in fitness equipment.

People have already started paying more attention to their health. In fact, exercising is much more prevalent that it was some 20 or 30 years ago. However, an enormous amount of people still have problems with weight. In fact, nearly 70% of adult Americans are overweight or obese!

Presumably, people with excessive fat will look to lose it, and the way to do it is by working out. This means that fitness equipment needs to be on the list of best wholesale items to sell on Amazon. To buy equipment at favorable cost, make sure to check what Asian manufacturers of sports equipment have in their offer.


5. 3D Printing Equipment

It seems that 3D printing is the business of the future. It’s still in its early stages, but the interest of people is huge. It appears that everyone wants to learn more about 3D printing, but not everyone has the money to buy a printer. However, that’s bound to change real soon as affordable commercial 3D printers are expected to fill out the stores.

But, until that happens, you can provide the people with cheap 3D printers on Amazon. Again, China is your destination to make the wholesale purchase. The bad news is that you will need bit more money to buy the printers, but the good news is that the profit will be huge!

Apart from printing devices, you should also think about buying and selling 3D printing materials, which users will need all the time. Materials used in 3D printing include ABS plastic, wax, and nylon, but also metals such as silver, gold, steel and titanium. These materials cost more in countries like USA or Canada; then they do in China, so importing them seems like a great business opportunity.

Other Ideas for Making Money on Amazon

All of the ideas for wholesale items to sell on Amazon are based on buying products in China and selling them in the USA and other Western countries. However, you can make a lot of money if you go the opposite direction. You can buy certain items in America and sell them in China and other places.

For example, you can buy used iPhones in the USA and sell them in other countries. You will be able to find older versions of Apple phones such as iPhone 5, at very affordable prices in the United States. The prices for this model are not that huge in other countries, which is where your opportunity lies! You can use the same principle for other products like watches, cameras, designer clothes, and so on.